quadro3Quadro IP PBX – Whether you operate your business from your home or an office building, have more than sixty employees around the globe or you are self employed, there’s a Quadro IP PBX perfectly designed for you. Not only are Epygi’s Quadro IP PBX products affordable and easy to use, but they give your company the ability to appear bigger, faster and more sophisticated.

Quadro Gateways – The job of the VoIP Gateway is to do just as the name suggests: convert the regular analog voice borne by the traditional telephone network into IP data packets for transmission on the Internet and vice versa. Epygi’s Gateways offer built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support and call quality enhancements.

Epygi’s Gateways are valuable when migrating your legacy PBX onto the Internet, and service providers can take advantage of the Gateway line when delivering voice applications via the web. Due to all of Epygi’s products being based on SIP protocols, Epygi’s Gateways can also be utilized to add additional FXO, ISDN, FXS, T1, PRI and E1 ports to Epygi’s IP PBXs or other manufacturers’ IP PBXs.

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