Our line of QX IP PBXs and Gateways consists of five IP PBXs and four Gateways. Epygi provides an IDEAL portfolio of IP PBX appliances. Starting with the new QX20, great for very small offices, and wrapping-up with the QX2000, our enterprise IP PBX, Epygi has a solution for almost every communications need.

The QX products are compact, fully rack-mountable and contained in a metal enclosure. They are meant to mix and match for a fully customizable system to fit every consumer’s specific needs. With the purchase of a rack-mounting kit, the units also come with two DC power cables for power redundancy.

In regards to total cost of ownership, Epygi’s QX IP PBXs consume minimal electricity thus reducing a company’s electricity bill. The average annual electricity bill for a typical PC roughly totals $192.72. On the other hand, an Epygi QX IP PBX consumes $6.00 worth of electricity.*