Financial Reasons to Switch to Launch VoIP

Let’s face it, running a successful business is challenging. Almost every industry is highly competitive. We all have heard the statistic that about 50% off all small businesses fail within the first 5 years. At the very least, companies need to be solving a problem for their customers. Also, they need to be competitively priced and give great service. If they can’t do that, they might as well not even be in business!

So how do you get an edge over your competition? One way to get an edge over your competition is to leverage technology. Specifically, using telecom solutions such as VoIP, SIP and Unified Communication to realize financial gain.

Here are examples of ways that our Hosted Voice Over IP service Launch VoIP is helping companies benefit financially –

Significantly reduced monthly telecom carrier costs –
The average central office phone line for a traditional phone system is about $50 per line per month. If a small business has 5 voice lines and a fax number that is about $300 a month you’re going to pay the local phone company. Additionally, the business has to pay for long distance usage, on top of the local telephone lines. If you tack on a couple hundred dollars for long distance charges a company’s telephone bill can easily be over $500 a month. Voice over IP uses your existing Internet connection as a carrier for your phone calls and so you can eliminate the need for those traditional telephone services. Also, if your company makes any International calls, VoIP can significantly reduce that cost as well.  If a company has multiple locations these costs can grow exponentially and therefore it makes even more sense to switch to Launch VoIP.

Traditional phone system maintenance can be costly –
An analog or digital phone system consists of a main box called a KSU (Key System Unit) on smaller systems, or a PBX (Private Branch Exchange)  on larger systems. This box is the brains of a traditional phone system and consists of a power supply, a mother board and various circuit boards that interface with the telephone cables and the phone carrier. Over time these parts can begin to wear out and require maintenance by a telecom specialist that is trained on how to program and repair these systems. These technicians can be expensive. Also, to ensure up time and business continuity, some companies elect to pay for monthly maintenance agreements. With Launch VoIP most of those maintenance issues can be completely avoided and this leads to even more cost savings.

Scaling: Pay as You Grow –
In the past it made a lot of sense for businesses to buy a phones system that they could grow into. What this meant was that companies would buy a BIGGER PBX that could accommodate future growth and system compatibility. But that logic isn’t necessary with Voice over IP. That would be like buying a suit that is 3 sizes bigger today, just in case you may gain a few pounds in the future. That logic just doesn’t work anymore. All you need today to scale a VoIP system is more phones and a big enough Internet connection.

Less Cabling Costs-
A traditional phone system requires phone cable for each telephone in addition to data cables for computers. A VoIP system uses the same ethernet cable that your computer uses to connect to your network. Therefore, if you are moving to a new facility, a VoIP system needs half the cables and therefore you have half the cost.

Save on Travel Costs-
Launch VoIP Phone Service includes a conferencing bridge so businesses can reduce their travel to conduct business meetings with multiple parties. If a company is able to reduce the number of trips flying across the country or meetings across town each month, these savings will begin to add up too.

Increased Employee Productivity with Advanced Features-
In addition to giving customers better service, standard features of Launch VoIP can outright allow you and your employees to be more productive and that equals more financial benefits. An example of one of these features is call routing. An automated attendant is included with Launch VoIP. Your company can have one main phone number even if you have multiple locations. When the call comes in the automated attendant can route the caller to whichever location or department they need. Individual employees can take the calls wherever they are at and can even have the calls forwarded to their cell phones.

Another great feature of Launch VoIP is voicemail to email. If a call goes to voicemail it can be converted to .WAV file or text and then emailed to you. This can help you reply to customers faster, delegate tasks and save a bunch of time listening to voicemails.

In summary, these are the main financial reasons businesses are switching to Voice Over IP. We would love to answer any question you might have about upgrading to a VoIP telephone solution. You can reach us by calling 314-997-9000. Also, you may want to enter our contest to win a $500 gift card. We look forward to hearing from you.