Fred’s Testimony


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how appreciative I am of your team’s efforts. I have been having phone problems for the past several days. I contacted Kim and she set up a time for Jereme to come over and see what was happening. Jereme did his usual great job but it was now time to call ATT. I called and they scheduled a tech to be at  my office at 4:00. The tech arrived and he was asking questions that I could not answer about the setup. I called the office to see if Jereme was available. Unfortunately he was not. Tim jumped on the call, volunteered to come to my office while ATT was there.

The two ATT techs and Tim worked together great resolving my phone problems. Tim explained my options so I could understand them and he made sure that everything was correct before anyone left. He and I agreed that Jereme should still come out on Friday to make sure everything is set up and continuing to work properly.

Everyone on your team was great! From the person who answered the phone to Tim and Jereme. I know that if he did not come over my system would not be running as it is. The ATT techs commented on Tim’s efforts and cooperation being a key ingredient to the problem being resolved.

As the GM, I am sure you hear more bad than good, but I have never had a bad experience with anyone at Mastor, Today was just exceptional.


Fred Zrenner