Designing a Secure Wireless Healthcare Environment

Healthcare privacy laws are becoming stricter and penalties more draconian. From HIPAA and data breaches involving electronic health records, data privacy and security are on everyone’s mind, including those of your residents.

Samsung’s Wi-Fi solution is designed with the need to secure sensitive information. It offers centralized accesspoint management and access control with intrusion detection, alerts and prevention, assuring hospital IT administrators more secure access from day one.
Samsung Wireless Enterprise access points combine two types of WIPS configurations on one access point. A dedicated RF monitoring chip is embedded independently of the service RF chip for the continuous monitoring of data service–all making it far less expensive, with an estimated 30% CAPEX savings–to ensure that the Wi-Fi network is as secure and futureproof as possible.

While the solution provides many intelligent security policies, it strikes the right balance among security, user convenience and user experience.

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