Every hotel needs seamless, fast and reliable WiFi service

Just how important is Wi-Fi to a hotel’s brand and bottom line? Nearly half of travelers won’t stay at one that doesn’t offer free, in-room Wi-Fi. Another 11 percent are willing to pay extra for super-fast Wi-Fi. That’s according to a December 2015 TripAdvisor survey of more than 44,000 travelers and hoteliers.

Each guest room has more Wi-Fi devices than ever. Whether it’s a lone business traveler with a smartphone and laptop, or a family of four where everyone has a tablet, the number of devices using Wi-Fi simultaneously has skyrocketed. That trend means more devices competing not only for bandwidth, but also for the scarce number of available channels, especially at 2.4 GHz.

Guests are using much more bandwidth-intensive applications. Video is a prime example: HD streaming services such as Netflix and HD videoconferencing services such as Skype for Business.

Wi-Fi roaming services are increasingly scrutinizing quality of service (QoS). Wi-Fi roaming providers are monitoring the QoS of the networks they offer to their customers and to the customers of the resale partners, such as mobile operators. If a Wi-Fi network doesn’t meet benchmarks for speeds, latency and other QoS metrics, roaming providers will move it down their list of available hotspots—or drop it altogether.

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