Launch VoIP SIP

We are excited to introduce to you our Launch VoIP SIP Product.  Session Initiation Protocol  or SIP is a method to use the Internet to route telecommunications services. Fortunately for you the customer, SIP is much more cost effective than traditional phone lines.

Our basic SIP package only costs $30.00* per month plus $10.00 per month for each telephone.

Here are some examples of typical SIP customers’ telecom costs:

Number of phones Phone cost Line cost Total cost
5 phones (5X$10)=$50 $30 $80
8 phones (8X$10)=$80 $30 $110
20 phones (20X$10)=$200 $30 $230

Disclaimer- Gateway may be required

*$30 per month is for up to 10 talk paths (lines)

** Does not include taxes