Multiple Location Case Study

As Voice over IP becomes more popular and is almost becoming the norm in business communications, more and more applications and case studies are beginning to surface. One of the biggest and most common case studies is relevant to businesses with multiple locations. When a business has several locations it almost always makes sense to go with Voice over IP.

Here are three of the biggest benefits of VoIP for businesses with multiple locations:

Cost savings from eliminating local phone lines
The cost of a single telephone line can be as high as $50 per month. If a business has multiple locations with 2-3 phone numbers at each location this expense can begin to add up very quickly. Because VoIP uses the Internet to route calls, there is no need for local phone lines. A business can set up one main phone number and then calls can be routed to the appropriate location via the internal call distribution programming.

A real life example of this is being experienced by our customer Hearing Lab-

“We converted over 30 of our stores to Launch VoIP and could not be happier. At these 30 locations we were spending north of $6000 combined, now we are paying under $3000. We have better than 50% savings overall by making this change.”

Direct dialing for employees
Because all of the locations are linked together under one system, employees can now call each other by simply dialing a 3 digit extension. Gone are the days of dialing a 7 to 10 digit phone number to reach another branches/stores. Better and more efficient communications can now be experienced and employees will find it easier to collaborate and help each other.

Greater incoming call handling flexibility-
Incoming calls can be more intelligently routed based on the callers preference and thus increase customer satisfactions. Calls can be directed to specific extensions, added to call queues or directed to voice mail and then the voice mail can be turned into an email. Another great example from Hearing Lab is the time savings they experienced by switching to Launch VoIP-

“Phone forwarding was always a struggle for us since we have so many different phone and Internet providers. This took us 30 minutes almost every morning bouncing between Time Warner, AT&T, Comcast, Charter, and a couple more online portals. Now it is done in 5 minutes or less due to the simplicity of the Launch VoIP portal.”

Whether a company is saving money on phone lines, providing better call routing to customers or improving employee productivity through better internal communications, all of these features can result in improving the bottom line through technology. To learn more about Mastor Telecom visit us online at or call a representative today at 314-997-9000.