Network Design

datacenterIf you have 4 or 5 employees and are familiar with computers then you can probably design a small network that will allow you to achieve your company’s goals. But, when pushed outside of your comfort zone, who do you call? The answer is Mastor Telecom Networks. When planning for your network you need to ask the following:

  1. How many computers, printers and other network devices should I plan for?
  2. Will my current data cabling provide for my needs?
  3. Where should I put the wall jacks if I am going to hard wire?
  4. Are my current network switches capable of handling my future needs?
  5. Do I plan on using VoIP in the future?
  6. Will I need COAX ran for video or surveillance?

And more… These are examples of questions that you may have in a single location facility. But what if you’re connecting 2 or more offices… will you need help? If the answer is yes, the team at Mastor Telecom Networks can help you find the answers to the above questions and more. Our staff brings many years of network planning and implementing to the design table. And if we do not have the answers we can turn to our carrier partners to get your company the information to make a solid network decision. Our team can help you evaluate, plan, purchase and implement your networking strategies.