A new phone system for $26.00 a month

toshibaphonesA new phone system for $26.00 or less a month! Riigghhttt!

Yes it is right. When compared to what you may be spending now.

Hello, my name is Ralph Bostick and I am the General Manager here at Mastor Telecom Networks. If you have just a moment I will explain just how this amazing offer works.

First you need to look at your current telephone bill and see what you’re paying for your monthly telephone lines and services. Go ahead and add in any long distance charges for calls made within the continental U.S.

In most cases, an AT&T business line in the St. Louis area costs around $45.00 per month with Long Distance charges added on top of that. There are other carriers that have slightly better rates but AT&T has the most lines in St. Louis so we use them as a reference.

On the >promo flier we talk about a company with 5 lines and 10 telephones so we will imagine that this is your company. You own the system outright and use 5 telephone lines for voice communication. You have a fax number but it is outside the phone system.
Let’s break down the promo:

Today you use 5 telephone lines*. (5) Lines at $45.00 per month = $225.00
Your current monthly cost for phone lines only is $225.00

Our promo pricing consists of two parts- the phone system and the SIP (telephone line) services.

Part 1- Equipment -Toshiba IPEdge EP:
The telephone system in the promo is licensed for 5 SIP Channels (lines) equipped with 10 Toshiba IP telephones, warrantied for 5 years and installed is on a lease for 60 monthly payments of $124.75

Part 2-Sotel SIP Services:
Using your existing Internet connection, SoTel System can deliver 5 SIP channels (lines) that include unlimited local and long distance (within continental U.S.) for $24.99 per channel, per month. $24.99 x 5 = $124.95 per month.

Here is the math:
The proposed Toshiba system: $124.75
SoTel Services: $124.95
Total proposed monthly cost $249.70
Less current monthly for lines only -$225.00
Monthly difference of $24.70

Yes you can have a new Telephone System installed for $26.00/month or less!