Our Team

Thank you for your interest in our team at Mastor Telecom Networks. We are fortunate to have a team of seasoned veterans that have been involved with the telecommunications industry several years. Here are the biographies of our awesome team:

ralph-smRalph Bostick – My name is Ralph Bostick and I am the General Manager here at Mastor Telecom Networks. First, thank you for considering Mastor Telecom Networks as your telecommunications vendor.  We have been helping clients in the St. Louis area for nearly 20 years and are very proud of our longevity in an industry that sees companies come and go every year.

I started working in the telecom industry 24 years ago in St. Louis. In late 1999 Mastor Telecom approached me and explained that it was their plan to merge with a well-respected data vendor to establish new opportunities for their clients and to have a one stop shop. The owners of the two companies asked that I consider joining the team.  Realizing that voice and data were quickly becoming a single market and, that two very reputable companies were asking me to be part of their plan for the future, I said yes.

Here we are 14 years later and we are going strong. Every day technological changes occur in the telecom world both in terms of hardware and connectivity.  Mastor Telecom Networks takes a great deal of pride in the fact that we look at the changes in technology and tell our clients straight up what will truly benefit them and why. We will also tell them if there is more hype than help in going down a particular technology path.  Do not get me wrong, Mastor Telecom Networks is in the business of helping companies to meet their communications needs and along the way we need to sell our products and services. Rest assured that we will inform you if we think there are options that might better serve your company’s needs.

Our team here at Mastor Telecom Networks is second to none when it comes to working with clients and prospects to assess their needs, address their concerns and implement the right solution. We want the opportunity to be your company’s telecom consultant today and your partner in telecom tomorrow. Give us a call and let’s get started.

jereme-smJereme Shepherd – My name is Jereme Shepherd I have been an Account Executive for Mastor Telecom Networks since 2010. My duties include working with current and new customers to provide them with telecommunication solutions to suite their business needs.

As an Account Executive I work a project from the beginning concept stage, pre sales engineering, the sales process, planning, to the final installation.   I believe that we have one the best sales, support, and technical staffs in the industry today.  I feel very lucky to be a part of such a strong team.

jody-smJody Ferris – Hello,  my name is Jody Ferris and I am the Customer Communications Specialist (CCS) here at Mastor Telecom Networks.  My job is to meet with you prior to the installation of your new telecommunications system and gather information on how you would like the new system to operate. Some clients say “Set it up like the old one,” while others have very specific wants or needs. Either way, we walk through the programming of your system together to ensure that our techs set it up per your specifications.

After the installation, I will visit again to help everyone get familiar with the system and answer questions you may.  I like to stay in touch for a couple of weeks to be sure you’re pleased with your new system. After that I will periodically stop by or call just to see how you are doing and if we can help in some way.

Also, while I am in your office I would be happy to take a look at your existing phone and/or Internet bills to see if we can help you to get more bang for your buck. Analyzing your bills is free and while telecommunication services are changing daily it is always a good idea to be aware of what is available.

shelley-smShelley Talir – During my more than 18 years with Mastor Telecom Networks I served in various roles which have included accounting, customer service, and human resources. For the past two years I have been the service dispatcher. I really enjoy this position as every day I get to connect with new people, learn new things and of course, discover new challenges in our telecom world.  Mine is generally the first voice you will hear when you call in for help and I do my best to answer questions quickly and professionally.

Would you like to resolve a telecom issue, tweak your existing telecom system a little or maybe talk to someone about what new technologies are available today? Call me today and we can get started.

ken-smKen Diers – I am an account executive but got my start with the company as a technician. I have worked in the industry since 2007, installing various types of networks, communications, and audio/video equipment.  I have always enjoyed the challenges of inter-networking equipment together to provide solutions for our customers.

In 2009, I joined the Mastor team, and have watched the growth of our company to what it is today.  During this time, I have assisted and advised customers with their telecom needs.  This includes project planning, installing and repairing equipment, as well as end-user technical support. I believe that Mastor Telecom’s approach of customer first is what makes us stand out.  I appreciate that the company I work for realizes that helping our customers succeed is the ultimate success for our company.

tim-smTim Mason – My name is Tim Mason and I provide technical service to customers of Mastor Telecom Networks.  I have been in this field for 10 years and have been with Mastor for the past 3 years. I joined Mastor Telecom due to their long standing relationships with customers and their reputation as a great employer.

Mastor Telecom stands out for their excellent customer service, technical support, and sales support. For each and every company that we provide sales and service, we strive to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction.  We look forward assisting you with your current and future telecom needs.

JeremyB-smJeremy Bacon – Hi my name is Jeremy Bacon. I recently moved to Missouri from Michigan, where I spent 12 years as a Telecommunication technician. I joined the Mastor Telecom team, because of their outstanding customer service and pleasant atmosphere. I am vastly familiar with all Toshiba products including the IP Edge and CIX. I love spending my time working towards new Network certifications, and being up to date on all telecommunication products.

I pride myself on being hard working and dedicated to my projects. I have always had long standing relationships with my customers, and it’s my plan to continue that here with Mastor Telecom and with you.

bob-smBob Day – Hi, my name is Bob Day, as a Tech  here at Mastor Telecom, I’m the main point of contact for all of my customers for service or sales support.  Five years ago I started my telecom career as a technician.

With a background in sales and support I have a unique perspective of the business and technical aspects of the telecommunications industry.  I chose to work at Mastor Telecom because of the unique family atmosphere and dedication to customer service.

kim-smKim Stuppy – Hi, I’m Kim and I am the accounting and office manager. I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in business with a minor in accounting from Lindenwood University in 2005. I have been in the accounting field for over 15 years and have been with Mastor Telecom Networks for 9 years.