Referral Program

Thank you for taking a minute to review this page. As you may have guessed the lifeblood of our business is referrals, therefore, we are very excited to roll out our new referral program. A referral is worth more to us than just a lead because it validates our company to the prospect ahead of time. Essentially you are edifying our company and we appreciate that.

As a way to say “thank you” we’ve come up with the following rewards for each referral that is converted into a new customer. Choose one of these three options:

1. A credit against your monthly bill equivalent to one month charge for the new client.
2. A credit equivalent to the new client’s monthly bill on your account for future use.
3. A $50.00 gift card.

The reward will be given to you 30 days after the new customer’s installation. Take a moment to fill out the form below to get started with our referral rewards program today. In the boxes marked “referral” please include the person’s name and phone number and email address if you have it.