75% of all customers bring mobile devices into stores and have already researched products online.

Wi-Fi also is a proven way for retailers to minimize both overhead costs and shopper frustration.
For example, by providing free Wi-Fi and a mobile app, big-box retailers such as home centers can
make it quick and easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. That minimizes lost sales and
requires fewer associates on the sales floor by empowering shoppers to find what they need on
their own. And when shoppers have questions the app can’t answer, associates have more time to
provide white-glove service—the kind that drives customer loyalty and positive reviews.

Compared to copper and fiber, Wi-Fi also gives retailers more flexibility to implement networked
infrastructure, including interactive sales displays, demo kiosks, digital signage and video
surveillance. That flexibility is particularly valuable during peak shopping seasons by enabling
sales associates to process transactions using handheld PoS terminals anywhere on the sales
floor, sparing customers from standing in long checkout lines.

But all of these applications share the same challenge: They can’t live up to their potential if they
don’t have access to fast, seamless, reliable and secure Wi-Fi. To learn more about Samsung’s Retail applications click here.