Every School Needs Reliable, Fast Wi-Fi

A computer for every student. The Internet of Things. Bring your own device. E-rate. Building and cyber security. Flipped learning. These are just a few of the applications, trends and initiatives that are prompting schools to upgrade their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

A reliable, scalable and manageable Wi-Fi solution enables schools to maximize the effectiveness of their other digital investments. For example, a 1:1 computing initiative won’t live up to its potential unless fast Wi-Fi blankets every single classroom, library and auditorium.

High-quality Wi-Fi also helps schools increase security while saving money. For instance, IPenabled electronic door locks help safeguard students, faculty and high-value assets. By using Wi-Fi to manage those locks, schools can avoid the installation expense of wired alternatives requiring Power over Ethernet.

So it’s no surprise that in the Consortium for School Networking’s 2016 survey of K-12 IT leaders, wireless access was their No. 2 priority, second only to the related initiative of network capacity. It’s the third year in a row that wireless access ranked among
their top three priorities. The catch is that not all Wi-Fi solutions are capable of meeting K-12’s unique requirements, including laws such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  To learn more about the Samsung Wifi Applications for schools click here.