Why Mastor Telecom

Why choose Mastor Telecom Networks? This is a question that we get nearly every day. “There are so many companies that sell telephone systems, why should we look at Mastor Telecom as a possible vendor?

  1. We ask questions and do not assume to know your business needs and your future plans.
  2. We will provide you with a written quote showing what we think is the best solution for your business, based on your input. The quote will be based on any and all promotions that may be available at the time.
  3. We will deliver what we commit to.
  4. If we cannot meet your needs or cannot aid you in accomplishing the goals you have set for your company we will simply tell you so, shake hands and walk away.
  5. Our team of professionals has been working in the telecom industry for a combined total of over 100 years.
  6. What we say we will do, we do.
  7. We can provide you with a list of clients that started with us as well as a list of those that wish that they had.
  8. Our flagship product has a 7 year warranty.